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What's Behind Stagefright? - The New Yorker
Stagefright has been aptly described as “self-poisoning by adrenaline.” In response to stress, the adrenal glands pump the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) into the bloodstream, causing the body to shift into a state of high arousal.

Sir Andrew Davis to lead Melbourne Symphony Orchestra until 2019
The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has confirmed the maestro will extend his original four-year tenure to lead the orchestra until 2019, parallel to his work with Chicago's Lyric Opera and the Toronto and BBC Symphony Orchestras.

The Santa Fe Opera: How to build a $22 million per year American opera factory
It recently leased rights to a local phone service provider to install cell towers on the property. "That's a little income stream that not many opera companies have," said MacKay...

New Bayreuth Wagner museum confronts family Nazi ties head on
Revamped and doubled in size at a cost of 20 million euros, the museum for the first time displays Wagner's anti-Semitic screeds, which he published in his youth anonymously, then under his own name before he died in 1883.

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