Tallinn, Estonia
Posted: 12 Apr 2018
Ivry Gitlis, Albert Markov, Stadler Masterclasses+Orchestra

Ivry Gitlis, Albert Markov, Stadler Masterclasses+Orchestra

18 Jul - 14 Aug, 2018

Alion Baltic Festival - International Violin/Viola Academy -2018
July 18-August 14, 2018. Tallinn, Estonia.
Professors - Ivry Gitlis, Albert Markov, Sergei Stadler

Other Professors include: Alissa Margulis, Leonid Kerbel, Marco Misciagna - viola, Aleksandr Buzlov-cello, Stanislav Pronin.

- All students will receive 3 lessons with each Professor.
- As part of the Academy, students can participate in up to 12 concerts in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia.
- At the end of the course, 1 student will receive Audience Prize - €500.

- Alion Baltic Orchestra - conductor - Sergei Stadler (Sankt-Peterburg Symphony).
Call for instruments with scholarships:

Cost: €600 without accommodation. €550, if apply by May 1.
Apply by May 15.
Scholarships are available. or use contact form.

ABIMF presents its 5th season: more than 25 classical music events: concerts by Alion Baltic Orchestra, chamber music & m
Closing date: 01 Jun 2018
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