Lucca, Italy
Posted: 31 Jan 2019
Virtuoso&Belcanto Festival - Summer courses, 15 - 28 July, 2019

Virtuoso&Belcanto Festival - Summer courses, 15 - 28 July, 2019

15 - 28 Jul, 2019

The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival (Lucca, July 15 - July 28, 2019) offers courses in Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, and Chamber Music, with a special focus on string quartet/trio/quintet, piano trio/quartet/quintet etc.

Faculty members include: Hagai Shaham, Stephan Picard, Eszter Haffner, Andrej Bielow, Jan Bjøranger, Luigi De Filippi, Bård Monsen (violin), Bruno Giuranna, Lars Anders Tomter, Paul Cortese (viola), Claudio Bohórquez, Xenia Jankovic, Adrian Brendel, Alain Meunier, Sandro Meo, Ilmari Hopkins (cello) Boris Berman, Mi-Joo Lee, Ian Jones, Weiyi Yang, Yejin Gil, Péter Nagy (piano), Riccardo Cecchetti (fortepiano and chamber music), Luc-Marie Aguera (string quartet). There will be also two workshops: chamber orchestra and Esperienza Classica, dedicated to period instruments

The festival features Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano and Chamber Music competitions, each with outstanding prizes.

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