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Posted: 07 Oct 2019
The International Certificate for Piano Artists

The International Certificate for Piano Artists

23 Sep 2020 - 13 Jun 2021

The International Certificate for Piano Artists is a unique program that offers the opportunity of working closely with some of the world's most renowned pedagogues. The program had the occasion to collaborate with various universities and conservatories from around the world
The purpose of this unique program is to provide participants with the benefits of artistic coaching and career guidance. Those eligible to the program will have access to an international support system of professors and musicians.
The International Certificate for Piano Artists' sessions are held throughout the year.
Participation in the ICPA sessions is highly competitive. A limited number of students from around the world are chosen for the program each year. These students are admitted to a special nine month course during which they are coached by a team of distinguished teachers.
There is no age limit for the International Certificate for Piano Artists.
Closing date: 15 Aug 2020
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