Paris, France
Posted: 14 Jan 2020
Beethoven and Stravinsky

Beethoven and Stravinsky

17 - 19 Feb, 2020

Paris Conducting Workshop presents:

Beethoven's Les Ruines d'Athènes, Ouverture, Op 113, édition Luck's Music

Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat éditions Chester : Marche du Soldat au debut ; Marche Royale ; Petit Concert ; Ragtime ; Danse du Diable ; Grand Choral

Maestro Adrian McDonnell AND Pierre-Michel Durand, and Aural Skills teacher Virginie Dao

The Workshop includes auditioning strategies, rehearsal techniques, organisational skills, and aural skill test approaches.

The Participants may also express in advance the need to work on specific skills; or simply getting advice on/or practicing specific passages of the repertoire.

The CNSMDP audition candidates have priority access to this workshop if they present their invitation to the audition in the application email.

The orchestra is composed of 28 professional musicians for Beethoven, and 7 for Stravinsky.

The orchestra session per piece constitutes a 20-30 minute session for a total of 40-60 minutes podi
Closing date: 10 Feb 2020
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