Valletta, Malta
Posted: 09 Feb 2021
Violin Masterclasses

Violin Masterclasses

17 Apr - 11 May, 2021

NOTICE: Please note that owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the EUFSC’s Malta Classical Music Academy (MCMA) has been rescheduled to 30th August – 27th September 2021.

Courses are offered in the schools of piano, strings, wind and voice studies, and feature masterclasses and discussions led by visiting more than 60 professors from 20 countries, including Emmanuele Baldini, Boris Kuschnir, Zakhar Bron, Ana Chumachenco, Stella Chen, Davide еAlogna, Sergei Dogadin, Alexis Galperine, Michelangelo Lentini, Maria Solozobova, Haik Kazazyan, Giacomo Scarponi, Federico Stassi, Zohrab Tadevosyan, Ingolf Turban, Cihat Askin, Alena Baeva, Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, Mark Danel, Sergey Khachatryan, Carmine Lauri, Hakan Sensoy and Maxim Vengerov. The most accomplished students will be selected to join lunchtime concerts, performing with various chamber and symphony orchestras togetherwith world-acclaimed soloist.
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