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Posted: 22 Jan 2022
⚡️SPARK Practice Intro&Practicals: What to do in the practice room

⚡️SPARK Practice Intro&Practicals: What to do in the practice room

05 Feb - 20 Mar, 2022

At ⚡️SPARK Practice School, we teach you how to use ⚡️SPARK Practice so that each time you pick up your instrument, you become a better musician.

Use the ⚡️SPARK Practice Formula and learn specific strategies & examples for practice in the 5 Pillars of music-making, based neuroscience + elite sports + 20 years of elite musical training. Streamline your progress (& fun)!

⚡️SPARK PRACTICE Practicals & Techniques 5-Week Course
2 meeting options / week + video replays
Feb 20 - March 20, 2022

Feb 20, 2022 ⚡️SPARK SOUND
March 6, 2022 ⚡️SPARK ATTUNED Intonation
March 13, 2022 ⚡️SPARK RHYTHM
March 20, 2022 ⚡️SPARK KINETIC Integration

All instruments, playing levels, teachers, students, & professionals are welcome. Please Message with questions & visit for more inf
Closing date: n/a
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