Gothenburg, Sweden
Posted: 15 Mar 2023
Interpretation for Orchestra Instrument/ Piano/ Organ 1 (MA)

Interpretation for Orchestra Instrument/ Piano/ Organ 1 (MA)

28 Aug 2023 - 14 Jan 2024

This course is intended for students who have completed an artistic bachelor’s degree programme in music and want to develop their ability as an orchestra musician, pianist or organist. You will also get a chance to expand your skills in artistic interpretation through in-depth study and analysis of the course repertoire.

The course provides you with an in-depth and formal understanding, both as a soloist and in an ensemble, of various works. You will learn to identify and utilise stylistic attributes in the repertoire, work independently and demonstrate awareness of your own part in relation to the score. The curriculum includes instrumental studies and chamber music. For those who play an orchestra instrument, it also includes orchestra performance in joint productions with students in the graduate programme for symphonic orchestra performance.
Closing date: 17 Apr 2023
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