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Paris, Frankreich
Veröff.: 04 Jan 2023
Insula orchestra - accentus

Insula orchestra - accentus

Head of new artistic and educational forms

In addition to the choir’s and the orchestra’s musical programming, the “Transmission and innovation” department” of accentus and Insula orchestra offers an ambitious educational and inclusive program to share their music with larger audiences: schoolchildren, students, families, refugees, youngsters, amateur musicians…
The department also develops an innovative digital constellation around the musical projects, made of various artistic and educational projects.

In connection with the head of educational actions and the general secretariat, you are in charge of developing innovative artistic and educational projects, including:
- Artistic design of innovative projects (digital, XR, applications, comics…)
- Implementation, budget and outreach monitoring of the projects
- Participation in mediation activities and various conferences/exhibitions/lectures
- Drafting of documents and hosting of conferences related to these new forms
- Participation in the Insulab project (collective of youngsters)
- Support for the audience development actions

In direct relation with the artistic and musical director and the relevant departments, you will be an artistic collaborator for the company’s various activities, including:
- Monitoring the musical project of the orchestra and the choir
- Artistic and musicological collaboration with the artists and creators associated with Insula orchestra’s scenic productions
- Contribution to the resource centres of accentus (Le Cen) and Insula orchestra (La

A trained musicologist, you have a specific sensitivity for the orchestra’s repertoire, and an interest for other art forms and crossgenre projects.
Curious and creative, you are proactive and have a pronounced taste for innovation and new technologies.
You like to share and are eager to challenge the traditional approach of classical music and to address all audiences.
Bewerbungsschluss: n/a
Start date: März 2023
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