Milan, Italien
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Cantoalato Singing Masterclass

Cantoalato Singing Masterclass

15 Sep 2020 - 15 Jun 2021

The Accademia Lirica CANTOALATO is a center of study and vocal perfecting managed by Ottavanota. It is born from the need to consider the study of singing in an open and complete way, without genre limitations.
The Accademia Lirica CANTOALATO was founded in 2018 immediately knowing a resounding international echo thanks to the consent of students from all over the world. Focused on the study of Italian Belcanto, the Academy places at the service of young singers the experience of great opera names in order to be able to improve vocally, musically and scenically. The Academy also explores Baroque singing and the techniques used in modern singing from musical to pop.

Alessandro Corbelli 15-19 Sept.
Stelia Doz 14-18 Oct.
Anna Pirozzi 21-25 Oct.
Raffaella Misiti-Musical Theatre Workshop 11-15 Nov.
Sonia Prina-Baroque 18-22 Nov.
Luca Canonici 1- 5 Dec.
Armando Ariostini 3-7 March
Aprile Millo 13-15 June
(Pianist: M° Gioele Muglialdo)
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