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Veröff.: 29 Aug 2021
Peter Stark's Instrumental conducting courses

Peter Stark's Instrumental conducting courses

03 - 06 Jan, 2022

Peter Stark’s four-day courses focus on the individual, with emphasis on observing and discussing skills and difficulties. The class is small, with a maximum of only eight students. Communication, baton technique and posture (with emphasis on Alexander Technique) are investigated. Discussion sessions are analytical and critical but offered within a supportive context. Every member of the course should go away with a clear idea of how he/she comes across in a working situation, and how to proceed towards further development in their own environment.
Baton technique is discussed in detail, but as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The communication of body language, rehearsal technique and posture are also investigated, the latter under the watchful eye of a ‘resident’ Alexander Technique teacher. Technique is viewed as a way of communicating advanced musical ideas – phrasing, balance, architecture etc. – and as a language by which one communicates.
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