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Hangzhou, China
Veröff.: 11 Apr 2021
Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra

Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra

Associate principal Clarinet of Hangzhou philharmonic orchestra

Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Applicants should be in good health; applicants should be passionate and professional;
2. Applicants should have bachelor’s degree or above;
3. Applicants who’s nationality is not China, need to satisfy one of the following conditions:
1) Applicants have bachelor degree, and can provide 2 years working experience proof;
2) Applicants who are freshly graduated with master degree should provide a transcript that average grade is 60+; other applicants graduated in master degree should provide working experience proof.
4. Applicants who have working experience before, please offer the Certificate of Resignation once get hired.
5. Applicants should speak fluent English.

Please send your materials to, with the subject in the following form: “Your Name + The Position You Apply For”(eg. Jack+ Tutti Violin). The materials we require are as follows:
1) Application form(Visit to download the application form and complete it);
2) Video of solo performance (no piece limited, we suggest you upload your video to Youku or Bilibili and reply the link back with email);
3) Education certificates;
4) Honor certificates (if any).

1. Time: TBC ( By E-mail notification)
2. Place: Hangzhou Grand Theater (No. 39 Xinye Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province)
3. Content: Please visit to find and download.

Related Matters:
1. The employed will sign a contract with HPO;
2. HPO will cover employees’ social insurances according to the law.

1. Librarian: 0086-0571-88808170
2. HR: 0086-0571-88808110

The latest information will be updated on this website: , please check the website regularly.
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