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Großbritannien (UK)
Großbritannien (UK)
Veröffentlicht am: 24 Jun 2019

3/4 German Swell Back Double Bass c.1900

3/4 German Swell Back Double Bass c.1900, pic 1
3/4 German Swell Back Double Bass c.1900, pic 2
3/4 German Swell Back Double Bass c.1900, pic 3
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Preis: £5000

A lovely German 3/4 instrument. I have owned this for nearly 10 years and in that time it has served me very well playing everything from classical to jazz etc.

It has had extensive work done to it whilst i've had it, including having the front off about 4 years ago by Laurence Dixon (Bass Place). He repaired a crack in the shoulder, added a new bass bar, improved any previous work as well as adding a new sound post, shaping the bridge, planing the fingerboard and giving the bass a setup.
It has a set of Tomastik Bel Canto strings on it that have been used but still have life left in them.

This bass got me into conservatoire and I played it for the first two years of my study before I decided I needed a change.
It is very comfortable to play, with a warm, even tone. It is quite a light bass, so very comfortable to transport too.

The bass is currently located near Manchester but I can bring it to London too if needed.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Certification: N/A
Sam Becker
Tel: 07952591931

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