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Veröff.: 22 Apr 2021

Viola 39,5 sm, USA, 1968 year

Viola 39,5 sm, USA, 1968 year, pic 1
Viola 39,5 sm, USA, 1968 year, pic 2
Viola 39,5 sm, USA, 1968 year, pic 3
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Preis: 2000€

A beautiful viola 1968 year from the collection Henry Janini.
Size: 395mm
Country: USA, California / Italy
Year of manufacture: 1968.
Little is known about the master, but it looks like the viola was made in Italy and then transported to the USA. A very beautiful timbre allows you to reveal all the beauty of the viola. The instrument has traveled half of Europe with me and every year it really reveals its sound! The viola was also shown to the master in Belgium and he confirmed the good quality and sound of the instrument.
Transportation to another country is possible.
Certification: Passport

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