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Veröff.: 04 May 2021

Rare and lovely Salomon Cello (Rampal cerificate)

Rare and lovely Salomon Cello (Rampal cerificate), pic 1
Rare and lovely Salomon Cello (Rampal cerificate), pic 2
Rare and lovely Salomon Cello (Rampal cerificate), pic 3
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Preis: 35 000 €

Beautiful « Vieux Paris » cello

french instrument from Salomon school, made around 1770

In absolutely great condition (no cost to come)

Looking for new respectful and loving owner !

Very peculiar sound : rich, focused and fluid.

Restored in 2001. First hand since and constant maintenance.

Set up with historical gears (bridge, soundpost, strings : guts or synthetics). Modern fingerboard. Perfect for historical performances of baroque, classical and early romantic repertoire.
Tuning pegs in perfect condition, Rosewood tailpiece and varnished.

Given with accessories :
- BAM « classic » box (ref : 1001SWR), in very good condition (worth 498€), interior pocket for scores, 2 slings to carry it.
- 1 removable, sharpened, steel endpin.

On deposit at my luthiers’ atelier near Lausanne, Switzerland.
Possibility to settle a RV around Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel or Lyon (France).

Only for lovers of beautiful pieces with a prestigious past !

Price on re
Certification: 2 certificats availables included one from Mr. Rampal.
Mathieu Rouquié

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