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Veröff.: 19 May 2021

A perfect backup cello set for outdoors concerts!

A perfect backup cello set for outdoors concerts!, pic 1
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Preis: 7499 Euro

I am selling a complete cello set containing very well luthier's cello, middle class german bow (Schaffner or Hoffner), cello case, blackhole and cello rosin. This is a perfect choice as a backup cello especially for outdoors concerts. I used to use this instrument when I did not want to take my old one. Cello is very well build by polish luthier Józef Bartoszek. The advantage of great stability and pesistent to changing whether conditions make a perfect candidate for a spare instrument. Cello was build in 1994. The instrument is in perfect state, regularly checking and refreshing by the luthier The tone is loud and bright. The fingerboard comfortable for a typical hand - not to big not to small - just in the middle.
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Certification: n/a
Wojtek Slawinski
Tel: +48605591788

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