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Veröff.: 03 Aug 2021

Superb italian viola ca. 1780 41.7cm

Superb italian viola ca. 1780 41.7cm, pic 1
Superb italian viola ca. 1780 41.7cm, pic 2
Superb italian viola ca. 1780 41.7cm, pic 3
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This superb italian viola was built ca.1780 and is in excellent condition.The sound is absolutey amazing.Its deep, sonorous, dark and super powerful, reminiscent of the sound of a Gasparo da Salo viola, which will satisfy the most demanding of musicians.This is not a chamber music but an absolute soloist instrument.The viola has been set up for maximum performance and what a performance it is capable of.Old italian violas of this size are extremely rare and this one represents an absolute masterpiece of the golden age of italian viola making.The size is 41.7cm
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