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Veröff.: 24 Nov 2021

Bell Bassoon Amsterdam Model #153

Bell Bassoon Amsterdam Model #153, pic 1
Bell Bassoon Amsterdam Model #153, pic 2
Bell Bassoon Amsterdam Model #153, pic 3
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Preis: 31.500 €

Bell Bassoon in excellent condition, purchased new in April 2017, overhauled in Canada by Benson Bell in July 2019. Played profesionally until December 2020, when I switched to a Heckel bassoon.
The instrument comes with a Heckel CC1XL bocal, two Bell Bocals and a Koelbl case. It has all the standard Bell Bassoon keywork. The U-tube in the boot has been replaced by Mr Bell with a new one (in 2019) taken from another instrument to enhance the sound quality and intonation.
The instrument is available for trial in Mannheim, Germany. For more detailed information, please contact me directly.
Kayetan Cygański-Bolski
Tel: +48507378198

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