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Veröff.: 19 Aug 2022


Bergonzi copy by Levi Bonewald, 2017

Preis: €5.000
Michelangelo Bergonzi 1744 copy made by Levi Bonewald in 2017 (Netherlands).The instrument is in excellent condition, has been maintained perfectly and never needed any restorations - only minor adjustments. It is a very bright, well-balanced and resonant violin with comfortable playability, warm and radiant sound.Great projection in the big concert hall as well as smaler rooms.The instrument has not been played much and carries great potential to open up its full capacity and become more powerful in sound projection. Several top musicians from major orchestras had an opportunity to play it for some time, they all came back with terrific feedback on the violins qualities and its' playability.
Indeed a great offer for violinists looking for high quality instrument with an affordable price. Small video samples can be recorded and sent to you at your request.The violin is currently in Spain, city of Granada. Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining this wonderful violin.
Certification: Instrument comes with a certificate of Authenticity and taxation report
Levi Bonewald

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