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Großbritannien (UK)
Großbritannien (UK)
Veröff.: 24 Jan 2023

Pair of Clarinets (Bb and A):

Pair of r13 Prestige clarinets for sale. Selmer Rectial Eb clarinet and Selmer Bass clarinet

Preis: R13 pair £6,000, Eb £4,000. Bass £4,500
Beautiful pair of R13 Buffet Prestige clarinets for sale.
Approx 6 years old.
Excellent condition, no cracks or damage to the wood.
All pads in excellent condition, Intonation is great and they blow beautifully/very easy with great projection.
4 Barrels provided in an old hard case.

It’s an RC Prestige Eb and Selmer Bass.

Approx 5 years old, excellent condition, the bass clarinet has had a crack and has been repaired. Eb has no cracks or damage - perfect condition.

each come in individual hard case

R13 prestige pair - £6,000
Eb RC Prestige - £4,000
Bass clarinet - £4,500
Leslie Wood

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