Gestohlenes Instrument

Veröff.: 19 Jun 2021

'Cello by Giuseppe Lecchi,Genova 1941 Two bows ,one stamped Dodd,other Ivacson. Hard wooden case.

Stolen: 11 Aug 2008 - Morning - Falconara Marittima on first regional train from Roma Termini

I was going to Senigallia and had to change trains at Falconara Marittima and had fallen asleep.Getting off the train I realised I had forgotten my 'cello and later contacted the station master at Ancona,where the train terminated and despite everybody's helpfulness in contacting the train's ticket inspector,cleaners and station's lost property ,no sign was reported of the 'cello.
Beschreibung des Instruments:
'Cello has a long deepish scratch on the back and a scratch on the belly at the level of the frog of the bow in the case. Amber orange cracclè highly delicate varnish virtually impossible to amend if scratched. Bow stamped Dodd is dark wood,probably pernambuco.Ivacson bow is a lighter brown
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