Gestohlenes Instrument

Veröff.: 17 Jun 2022

Original Maline Violin bow in perfect condition from estimated 1860

Stolen: 01 Oct 2013 - 91522 Ansbach / Bavaria

Stolen by Sergej Vassilenko, instrument dealer and violin teacher in the city of Ansbach, Germany, occasionally online at website "SARS". >WHO got an offer of a French antique original Maline bow by Vassilenko ? ´How did this theft happen? > Vassilenko and owner played in the same orchestra. The owner of the bow was new in the city and new in orchestra. The owner asked the concertmaster for somebody to do a check-up of the screw of the bow. Concertmaster and Cello solo player recommended Vassilenko as a repairer of bows. Nothing was written between the owner and Vassilenko for just having a check-up only of the screw in 1 day. The 2 co-players stood for a guarantee of trust, when giving the bow to Vassilenko but the bow never returned. HIGH REWARD for the honest Provider of a useful information. If you bought this bow, your money that you paid for the boy will be safe, my lawyer says. Pls email me or contact Ansbach Police, in D- 91522 Ansbach, Karlsplatz , to Mr Beck. +49 9
Beschreibung des Instruments:
Original Maline Violin bow in perfect and frequent used condition, chestnut color, perfect regular wood structure, ivory top plate with intact top part, faded MALINE stamp, silver mounted with round frog edges, round silver coat for the hair holder (unlike German style coat with edges). Super elegant head, carved rail for the frog, frog with simple shell eye, silver-pink color, stick and frog original after an expertise from Karl Pliverics in Berlin, screw not original. Weight 60 gr, highest quality, extremely warm sound without any sharp tone, executes the most difficult bow techniques. Owner until 1970 : Primarius of Berlin String Qartett, Prof Rudolf Bayer, ex concertmaster of Berlin Opera Orchestra. Stolen and probably sold under value by Sergej Vassilenko in Ansbach Germany
Rainer Brinckmeier

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