Gestohlenes Instrument

Veröff.: 15 Aug 2016

a violin by F. Niewczyk

Stolen: 13 Aug 2016 - on the train going from Mönchengladbach to Koblenz

I left the train at Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein and left the violin in the train
Beschreibung des Instruments:
I can't remember very well what it said exactly on the tag. I think it also said Musikfabrik or Instrumentenfabrik Posen… The violin wasn't in particularly good condition, the varnish was rather old… When I left it on the train, it was in a blue, square case with Evah Pirazzi strings on. Also in the case were a bow and shoulder rest (Linnd) and two types of rosin and I think some gut strings too…
Left F. Niewczyk violin on train near Koblenz, Ger

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