Sofia, Bulgaria
Pub: 20 Sep 2022
Conducting Masterclass with Prof. Ekhart Wycik 25.03 – 01.04.2023

Conducting Masterclass with Prof. Ekhart Wycik 25.03 – 01.04.2023

25 Mar - 01 Apr, 2023

We are excited to present Professor Ekhart Wycik’s masterclass for professional conductors and advanced conducting students. A maximum of 12 active participants will have podium time of approximately 130 minutes each.

Individual coachings for each active participant in front of the orchestra are the core of the class. Additional video analysis sessions deepen the learning experience.

A very important asset for a conductor is the ability to accompany. Therefore, in this masterclass we feature also two famous Violin concertos as important part of the course. We recommend that each participant includes one movement from a concert in their selection.

Participants will have the opportunity to create their own publicity video recording during two recording sessions on the last day of the masterclass.
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