Porto, Portugal
Pub: 04 Jun 2024
REMIX ENSEMBLE ACADEMY Peter Rundel’s International Conducting MC

REMIX ENSEMBLE ACADEMY Peter Rundel’s International Conducting MC

05 - 15 Dec, 2024

with Helmut Lachenmann, Hèctor Parra and Peter Rundel

This year, Casa da Música – Porto will promote a special edition of the Remix Ensemble Academy, which includes the presence and guidance of the composers Helmut Lachenmann and Hèctor Parra that will attend the activities of the academy.
The work will be towards pieces by:
Sara Ross: world premiere (new piece commissioned by Casa da Música)
Hèctor Parra: La mort i la primavera, for two ensembles and two conductors
Helmut Lachenmann: Concertini, for large ensemble

This academy is a unique opportunity for conducting students to lead section rehearsals for Lachenmann´s Concertini and one the conducting students will be chosen to perform the work by Hèctor Parra together with Peter Rundel.

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fecha límite: 01 Sep 2024
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