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Reino Unido
Reino Unido
Posted: 28 Nov 2019

Classical Bassoon

Classical Bassoon, pic 1
Classical Bassoon, pic 2
Classical Bassoon, pic 3
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Precio: € 5500,-

Offer a good early classical bassoon by Simiot a Lyon from c. 1790
with seven keys and a lower tuning of c~430hz.
All pads are stamped SIMIOT a LYON.
Jean F. Simiot invented the metal u-tube in 1817 that replaced the butt cork
(see the later instrument at the H. de Wit collection in the net).
The pre 19th century bassoons are quite rare instruments and not so easy to find and ideal for the music of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven.
The bassoon is in good playing condition with no cracks.
It has a nice full french sound that needs a bocal of ca. 320 mm or longer.
Only cosmetically it is not so nice that in the butt next to the tone holes there are seven old nails.
They are not going through until the bore hole itself though.
I believe they where already there when Simiot made the butt out of the old block of wood.
Private sale. Postage can be arranged.
Viewing and testing in London or Berlin.
R. Reich
Tel: +44 7958 488722

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