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Reino Unido
Reino Unido
Posted: 01 Jun 2020

Heckel 6000 series

Heckel 6000 series, pic 1
Heckel 6000 series, pic 2
Heckel 6000 series, pic 3
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Precio: £24,000 GBP

A Heckel 6000 series bassoon for sale in mint condition. These bassoons are highly regarded for their free sound, great projection and beautiful, resonant tonal qualities. This particular instrument is of the highest calibre with a velvety, rich sound that really sings.

This bassoon has been carefully restored in-house by our specialist bassoon repair team including: all new pads, complete keywork re-silver, bore oil, high E key, carefully restored finish using special resonant oil-based varnish hand-applied with many layers, German silver finger-hole liners extending into the bore and much more. With our specialist set-up work this bassoon feels and performs like a modern instrument.

These bassoons are rare and sought after instruments because of the golden sound they produce. Learn more about this bassoon at
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)1633 677729

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