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Reino Unido
Pub: 22 Jan 2021

Polisi 'Artist'

Polisi 'Artist', pic 1
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Precio: POA

For sale, a Polisi 'Artist' model bassoon. One of the rarer makes of bassoon we see at Double Reed Ltd., and one we wish we saw more often (view it here:

Polisi bassoons were made by Kohlert in Germany, but heavily specified and upgraded by William Polisi in the US (a professional bassoonist in the New York Philharmonic) which explains why this bassoon is so unusually good - it was commissioned and co-designed by a leading professional player.

They are also characterised by their warm, dark tone, easy playing qualities and good intonation. The other characteristic is the sophisticated level of keywork many of them were sold with, especially the Artist model, which has some really interesting features on it.

If you want an instrument with a powerful and dark sound, fully kitted out with professional keywork, for a very reasonable price, then the Polisi Artist could be the perfect bassoon for you.
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