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Pub: 15 Mar 2022


Beautiful Heckel 79XX.

Beautiful Heckel 79XX., pic 1
Beautiful Heckel 79XX., pic 2
Beautiful Heckel 79XX., pic 3
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Precio: Private agreement.
I’m selling my superb Heckel 79xx, made in 1936 for the German army, who marched it up Oslo’s Karl Johan in April 1940. It was left behind in Norway as “spoils of war” in 1945, and was used in different orchestras in Norway until I bought it in 1996.
I’ve used it as principal bassoon in most Norwegian orchestras and many others abroad.

This bassoon is remarkably powerful despite its light weight and antique looks, and matches modern Heckels without a problem. It has the warm and singing characteristics of the 7-8K Heckel, a really good, fat lower register, and blends really well into the woodwind section.

The bassoon has high D and E, rollers on both pinkies, and comes with a well fitting CC1, balance hanger and a spectacular 50’s Heckel case with faux croc skin. It has been looked after by Keith Bowen yearly since 2005.

The instrument is located in Oslo, Norway
Embrik Snerte

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