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Pub: 27 Apr 2022

Violin Bow:

Bow Marcel Lapierre 1955

Bow Marcel Lapierre 1955, pic 1
Bow Marcel Lapierre 1955, pic 2
Bow Marcel Lapierre 1955, pic 3
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Precio: 3000
I'm selling a bow that I bought in December 2018 because I was offered another one. Certificate of authenticity attesting: This bow is a work of the bow maker Marcel Charles Lapierre. The stick is planed round in a dark brown colored pernambuco wood. The ivory-plated head is typical of the author. Its rise, trimmed with a grain of mother-of-pearl circled in silver, has an ebony and silver mount. Its button is solid silver made in copy of the author. This bow is signed "M. LAPIERRE" on the stick above the frog.
Purchased on invoice at 3500e. Immaculate condition. Selling price recommended by the bow maker: 3500e. I leave it at 3000e. Suitable for an amateur or professional violin student. This bow can follow you throughout your career.
Certification: Weight: about 60g Height: 73cm
Laure Reichart
Tel: +33613326257

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