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Pub: 25 May 2023

Clarinet in A:

Buffet Crampon RC Prestige A-clarinet

Precio: 2200 euro
It's a fantastic instruments, that I've played professionally in my orchestra. It has a rich and deep sound, and is very flexible and easy to control.

Serial Number: F354679

It's been completely overhauled in March 2023.

It comes with a Prestige A64 barrel and a traditional Buffet Crampon Case from 1991.

It has a crack in the top joint that's been beautifully glued and restored, so you can't really see it.


If you have any question, then please write me. If you like, I can also send you a video where I demonstrate specific things about the instrument you might have in mind.

All the best,
August Finkas
Principal Clarinet
Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra
August Finkas

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