Instrumento Robado

Pub: 18 Nov 2012

Bell # 24

Stolen: 16 Nov 2012 - Ottawa, Ontario

The bassoon has been returned to its rightful owner.
Descripción del instrumento:
Some great news!!!! Thank you for posting the information, and for helping us to get it back. Stolen Benson Bell Bassoon #24 has come home!!!! On Friday Sept 21, "la Blonde" (Benson Bell bassoon #24) was stolen from the Conservatoire de Musique de Gatineau. Today she has come home!!!! A pawn shop in Ottawa phoned Bell Bassoons today to inquire as to the value of a Bell bassoon which had been brought into their shop. Ben's son, Derek, immediately recognized the description of "la blonde" and called me to let me know. The pawn shop told me that, if I could provide proof that I am the owner of the instrument together with $500 cash, that they would let me take the bassoon, which they now had been informed was stolen, home. I contacted the Conservatoire in Gatineau for the necessary documentation. They also contacted the Gatineau police, where a report had been filed. The Gatineau police could not assist in the recuperation of the bassoon since it was in Ottawa (cross
Dean Williams

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