Instrumento Robado

Pub: 23 Sep 2020

Muramatsu, 14k all Gold Flute, B-Foot, in line

Muramatsu, 14k all Gold Flute, B-Foot, in line, pic 1
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Stolen: 30 Aug 2020 - stolen in Aarau Switzerland out of a music atelier

in case you find this flute to buy, don't buy it, it's stolen.. in case you find it elsewhere and know something about it, please inform me. Thank you. I'm grateful for any information about it.
Descripción del instrumento:
Muramatsu 14k all Gold (also keys), B-Foot, in line, Serial No: 38248 in original Muramatsu case, red inside. The case was in a soft black coat.
Flavio Puntin

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