LYON, France
Publié: 12 Sep 2021
Direction d'Orchestre - Juillet 2022 - Lyon (France)

Direction d'Orchestre - Juillet 2022 - Lyon (France)

08 - 17 Jul, 2022

This course provides a entire work on the development of key components needed to conduct an instrumental or vocal band: gesture technic – Group Psychology – Self-knowledge– Scores Analisis – Orchestration and Organology.
This training is responding tonumerous and diverse demands, to conduct, to work with: A symphony orchestra? An orchestra of students (junior training orchestra for cycles..), A junior school (instrumental ensembles for auditions, concerts), Chamber music, band, , choir, master’s degree, Musical training class, etc …
Training in conducting technics is above all a custom work organized with different fundamental workshops: the body language, pedagogy, analysis, harmony, orchestration, human communication, etc….
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Date limite: 30 Jun 2022
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