Hamburg, Allemagne
Publié: 21 May 2024
Clarinet Masterclass with Prof. François Benda

Clarinet Masterclass with Prof. François Benda

04 - 07 Oct, 2024

From Friday 04th until Monday 07th - 10 am – 6 pm (Time subject to modifications)
Course works: The course repertoire can be selected freely.
Active participants: The number of active participants is limited, for this reason and because of the large demand is recommended the registration as soon as possible. The applicant as active participant must send to the organizer a vita and a list of three works (free choice), which should be worked during the course. The admittance to the course takes place in sequence of receipt of submitted entry forms and is subject to agreement by the lecturer or course organizer. The payment will only be made within one week after the confirmation for the active participation by the organizer. Active participants receive a certificate for their participation.Each active participant receives two individual 50-minute classes and can attend all classes of the other active participants.
Target Group: Very talented and advanced students and professionals
Date limite: n/a
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