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Publié: 07 Jan 2022
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra

Audition for International Orchestral Academy - Clarinet

(académie / stagiaire)
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra announces audition for its International Orchestral Academy (IOA). Please note that there is no financial reward whatsoever from the orchestra towards the Academy member.

Janáček Philharmonic, based in Ostrava is one of the leading symphonic orchestras of the Czech Republic. Long orchestral tradition, typical bohemian sound and progressive repertoire are very much praised both by local audience and international reviewers. Excellence in performing not only Janáček, but most of the late-romantic to contemporary repertoire is one of the orchestra ‘s strengths. In 2021-22 the orchestra hosts guest conductors such as the chief conductor Vassily Sinaisky or Domingo Hindoyan, Lionel Bringuier, Andrey Boreyko, Risto Joost, Gabriel Bebeselea, and soloists such as Bruno Philippe, Danjulo Ishizaka, Sergei Babayan, Nikolay Lugansky, Alena Baeva, and Frederico Colli.

The International Orchestral Academy (IOA) is suitable especially for students and graduates of music performance programmes at university level. The internship is unpaid is hence highly recommended for Erasmus+ recipients.
Trainees will gain hands-on orchestral experience in professional orchestra, taking part in most of the orchestra performances (subscription concerts, touring projects both locally and internationally, chamber concert).

IOA opens positions in these sections for the period of spring semester: 04.02.2022 – 30.6.2022:
Application deadline is 24th January 2022 (results will be announced by mail).
Ideal start in the Academy is 4th February 2022 or in the course of Feb latest 25th Feb 2022.
Requirements – to be sent as live video recording:
a) orchestral parts as one uncut video – all scores of orchestral parts you can find on:
b) excerpts from 2 contrast movements from solo composition ad libitum (max 10min)
All information on www.jfo/academy
Date limite: 24 Jan 2022
Start date: février 2022
Plus d'information/How to apply:
Academy details
JPO orchestral academy audition (pdf)
Voir profil de l'institution
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