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Elias Adriel Alvarenga,


Posadas, Argentine
Elias Adriel Alvarenga, Alto



Full name: Elias Adriel Alvarenga
Date of birth: October 16, 1997
Place of birth: Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.
Address: Bº U.D.A, Ch 127 Nº 14. Posadas
Cell-phone: 376-4636890
Email: elias_alvarenga97@yahoo.com


Violist at the First International Festival of Child and Youth Orchestras and Symphonic Choir, which took place in the city of Oberá, Misiones.

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
Violist from the first to the eighth edition of the International Festival of Children and Youth Orchestras "Iguazú in Concert", performed by musicians from more than 20 countries of the world.

Second violin of the Workshop of Violin Baroque belonging to the Seminar of Specialization of Baroque Music, in the framework of the International Festival of Ancient Music of Parana dictated by Professor Jöelle Perdaens, from October 17 to 21, 2011, in "Centro del Conocimiento", in the city of Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.
With a total of 70 hours. chair.

Violist in the High Training Course of Baroque Music and Opera "Fronteras Musicales Abiertas", dictated by Italian Master Francesco Grigolo, in the City of San Ignacio Guazú, Misiones, Paraguay.
December 2012. (First Viola)

Violist in the seminar of training and preparation of repertoire, master classes and presentation in the concert with the Argentine tenor Darío Volonté and mezzo soprano Vera Corkovic. The activities took place between March 23 and 28, 2013, in the city of Posadas and Santa Ana.

Tour of the Republic of Paraguay (Encarnación, San Ignacio Guazú and Asunción) and Argentina (Misiones and Buenos Aires), with the "Orquesta de las Misiones Guaraníes" under the baton of the Italian Master Francesco Grigolo. (First Viola)

Tour of the Republic of Italy with the "Orquesta de las Misiones Guaraníes", under the baton of the Italian Master Francesco Grigolo, with performances in Rome, Napoli and Salerno. (First Viola)

Recording of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as the First Viola of the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Juana Azurduy"

Tour of the Republic of Italy under the direction of the Italian Master Francesco Grigolo, as the First Viola of an orchestra made up with musicians from Mexico, Paraguay, Italy and Argentina. The concerts were held in Ferrara and Milan, culminating the tour on 15/10 with a concert for World Food Day in the framework of the Expo-Milano 2015
First Viola in the Youth Orchestra of the Symphonic Grillitos.

First Viola of the Youth Orchestra of the National University of Misiones (UNaM)

Violist in the workshops and master classes at the "Youth Philharmonic Festival 2016" *, taught by teachers of the "YOA Orchestra of the Americas" and invited professors, in the framework of the International Biennial of Sculptures "Equilibrium" 2016.
* Resolution 1346/2016: The Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Chaco, Argentina: Declaration of Legislative, Provincial and Cultural Interest the 2014 Youth Philharmonic Festival.

Participant of the Buenos Aires Province tour with the Youth Orchestra of the "Jujuy Orchestras System" (SOJ), participating in the concert of the International Youth Orchestra Encounter (EIOJ) 2016 at Luna Park, and a Jujuy Youth Orchestra Concert with the duo "Isas-Kwiek" (violinist Cecilia Isas and pianist Alan Kwiek) at the Kirchner Cultural Center. (First Viola)

Violist in music group for events "F&M Music"


• Leadership.
• Viola: advanced.
• Violin: intermediate.


Spanish: high (native language)
Italian: intermediate.
Portuguese: low.


Instituto San Alberto Magno (last year of highschool)

Instituto Cristiano República Argentina (from first to fourth year of highschool)


Téléphone portable: +543764636890

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