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Gustavo Coello,


Ocala, Florida, États-Unis


Music composer publisher with a B.A. in Audio Production at IADT Tampa, registered at Harry Fox agency for non exclusive licensing deals to use my music for corporations for live shows, public places, commercials, films or documentaries, for scores options, ringtones, Podcast and any new and coming option. Registered musician and publisher at ASCAP as well.


35 years composing.

3 years of Piano and Singing at Conservatory Antonio Neumane at Guayaquil-Ecuador.

Some years playing in a band and singing in choirs.



B.A. in Audio Production at IADT Tampa, FL.

April 2014.


Sept 2016 month music award, ambience instrumental category by the The Music Akademia for the song "Borealis" and finalist in same category, same month and year for the song "Without Passion there is no Magic".

Worldwide online radio song promotion in 2017 and 2018 as part of the award benefit.

Some music radio station plaques for 1st place in their radio for at least 1 week or more, nationally or internationally.

Magna Cum Laude in 2014 at IADT college.


Téléphone: 4072437100
2613 NE 29th Terrace

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