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Posted: 01 Jul 2019

Wooden and cylindrical Louis Lot 1883.

Wooden and cylindrical Louis Lot 1883., pic 1
Wooden and cylindrical Louis Lot 1883., pic 2
Wooden and cylindrical Louis Lot 1883., pic 3
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Prix: 7750€

I have for sale my wooden and cylindrical Louis Lot, built in 1883, #3104. Close keys, B foot and lower b key. Very good instrument, amazing depth and potent sound. The flute is sounding well, but I think an overhaul is required. Lower register is a little bit low, but I my opinion this is due the pads are not in perfect condition. I ordered to built a barrel, to can play with any headjoint and I sale it with the flute. I have tried silver and others wooden heads and it works fantastically. For music from centuries XVIII and XIX this Lot is ideal. If you want, I can send you a video or appoint an interview. To any questions please do not hesitate in contact me. Barcelona.
Tel: 34653111786

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