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Posted: 26 May 2020

Michael Kurucz, Israel, 2019

Michael Kurucz, Israel, 2019, pic 1
Michael Kurucz, Israel, 2019, pic 2
Michael Kurucz, Israel, 2019, pic 3
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Prix: $10,000 US

A fine violin after the Guarneri del Gesu 1735 "Plowden".
The gently worn, golden red/brown oil varnish and Crabwood fittings blend warmly with a delightful palette of power, sonority and sweetness across the registers. Weight w/o chinrest 384 gr. Extremely comfortable to play violin with built in ergonomics for the left hand, speaks instantly with typical Guarneri punch and sizzle! A fine soloist instrument with a lot of color! Includes Petz Kolophonium F7C case.
Certification: Michael Kurucz #5231 Magen Shaul 2019
Michael Kurucz
Tel: +972 54 266 0295

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