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Posted: 09 Aug 2020

Ladislav F.Prokop , 1930 , Czech Republic violin

Ladislav F.Prokop , 1930 , Czech Republic violin, pic 1
Ladislav F.Prokop , 1930 , Czech Republic violin, pic 2
Ladislav F.Prokop , 1930 , Czech Republic violin, pic 3
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Prix: £2000

Ladislav Prokop, born 1909 in Chrudim. Studied one year in Schönbach at the bowmaker Joseph Schuster and at violinmakers Georg Lank, Josef Plötzl and Antonín Korejs. After that he finished his violin-making studies in Prague in the years 1926-1930. After the studies he went back to Chrudim and in the year 1934 he went to Haag to work for a half year with the violinmaker Josef Vedral. He used very high quality wood. His work is precise.

This 1930 Stainer model violin is a very nice Prokop finished just after his studies in Prague we’re completed .Having a plain white label and the last two year numbers are hand written.
It has a reddy-brown varnish a full back and lovely scroll Showcasing Prokop’s workmanship . This violin plays easily having a thin neck and vibrates beautifully having a lovely resonant , warm tone.

A lovely master violin for a grade 8 /conservatoire student player that will see them into an orchestra .
Certification: n/a - See in photos authentic labels as verified by Martin Swann in
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