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Publié: 20 Jan 2021

Royal Global "Firebird" Bass Clarinet - Low C

Royal Global "Firebird" Bass Clarinet - Low C, pic 1
Royal Global "Firebird" Bass Clarinet - Low C, pic 2
Royal Global "Firebird" Bass Clarinet - Low C, pic 3
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Prix: £6450

Royal Global “Firebird” Bass Clarinet - Low C

Reed and Squeak are proud to offer this fantastic new Royal Global “Firebird” Bass Clarinet to low C. This instrument is the first Bass Clarinet in the Royal Global range to be offered for sale here in the UK. We hope to offer more Royal Global products in the future.

This “Firebird” model is an absolute pleasure to play. The sound is rich, dark and resonant and offers great fluidity throughout the registers. The keywork is extremely strong and secure and reacts perfectly under the fingers with comfortable ergonomics. The white leather pads seal perfectly and intonation is excellent in all registers.

The low notes feel extremely strong and resonant. The wooden bell certainly improves the lower resonance and the lower register projects with barely any effort. Low D can be played with RH, LH or thumb. Low C and C sharp with the thumb.

Reed and Squeak
Mark O'Brien
Tel: 07973344201

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