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Publié: 12 Mar 2021

Violine Guarneri Del Gèsu 1741 copy, 2016

Violine Guarneri Del Gèsu 1741 copy, 2016, pic 1
Violine Guarneri Del Gèsu 1741 copy, 2016, pic 2
Violine Guarneri Del Gèsu 1741 copy, 2016, pic 3
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Prix: 1300 Euro

Excellent violin with a very full, warm and powerful sound. It is a concert violin, Guarneri del Gèsu 1741 Lord Wilton master copy, made in 2016.
It sounds strong like a canon and is very playable.
Visually, it has been given a bit of an "old/antique" makeover, but it was actually made in 2016. It has a very high quality finish.
Top: selected "A" Chinese spruce
Back: selected "A" Chinese maple
Fingerboard: Ebony (Madagascar)
Set: Ebony (India) with pins
Bridge: Despiau, France
varnish: oil/spirit varnish, antique-imitation
Unfortunately I had to stop playing shortly after I bought it. So it is still as good as new!
I am selling this beautiful instrument including violin case, chin rest, silencer and bow.
I bought the bow used, exact age and origin unknown. It lies very well in the hand and makes every movement with ease.
The original price was was 1,500 Euro, the price for the bow was 500 Euros. Certificate of authenticity and original invoice available.
Certification: Certificate of authenticity available. Made in 2016 Master Workshop HE (Guangzhou, China)
Simone Klatzka

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