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Publié: 04 Dec 2022

Violin Bow:

Full size violin bow by Ernst KESSLER c. 1920

Prix: 850 euro
This is a nice full size violin bow made by Ernst KESSLER (1856-1931) in Berlin-Charlottenburg c.1920. The bow is nicely made and it is in perfect playing condition. Stick is made from beautiful Pernambuco wood. Silver mounts and ebony frog. The bow plays nicely.

Student of Albin Voigt, Kessler worked as an assistant for Louis Otto in Düsseldorf and in 1874 with Riechers in Berlin. After finishing military time, he went to Riechers again in 1880 and became self-employed in Berlin in 1882. Through diligence, he soon brought it to prestige; after Riecher's death, his work for the Conservatory in Berlin was entrusted to him, and his new violins and bows were created by Prof. Joachim for scholarships. He went on to earn numerous awards, including the Royal Prussian and Royal Saxonian state medal.
Certification: Certification of value for insurance purposes by Ulrich Gleissner (photocopy).
Luis Martínez

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