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Publié: 13 Mar 2023

Double Bass:

Thibouville-Lamy, ca. 1920’s, Jacquet model

Prix: €15 000
Unnamed bass, estimated to be a Thibouville-Lamy from the 1920’s and a typical Jacquet model. The back and ribs have been painted by hand. Rounded back. String length is 106.5 cm.

It had a big restoration by the “Cincinnati bass cellar” in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA where it got a new bass bar, wood was carved out from some parts of the linings of the top to achieve the right thickness, new bridge with height adjustment screws, the neck was elevated and it got a brand new and “modern” fingerboard.

It’s very easy to play and I have personally won multiple auditions for orchestra jobs with the bass.

The bass is currently with me in Finland. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Certification: n/a
Per Björkling
Tel: +46763754055

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