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Publié: 21 May 2017

F. A. Uebel Markneukirchen Bb-clarinet, serial number 14 239 lost on Stockholm metro

Stolen: 14 May 2017 - 22:00-22:45 - Stockholm subway, Sweden
Description de l'instrument:
On sunday 14/5-2017 att about 22:00 I lost my clarinet on the Stockholm subway in Sweden. It is a F. A. Uebel Markneukirchen Bb clarinet, serial number 14239. It was in a hard black case. The instrument is in pretty poor condition (a crack in the wood to name one of the major issues), so I doubt it is worth a lot of money. However, to me the instrument is invaluable. I simply must have it back! I don't care if you are a thief or the unfortunate byer of my clarinet. Please contact me and I will reward you with more money than that old piece of wood could ever have cost you. Reach me at:
Adam Britts
Tel: 0702551573

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