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Publié: 29 Jan 2020

12 String Guitar/Mother of pearl Roses KAWAI, KAWAII, KAWAI1 ???

12 String Guitar/Mother of pearl Roses KAWAI, KAWAII, KAWAI1 ???, pic 1
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Stolen: 08 Oct 1972 - 8:33 AM EST - Holyoke, MA. 01040

Person described may be deceased by now and or can not be found. This was indeed long long ago as I am now 60 years old but that has never ever stopped me from looking for that guitar. Believe it or not, it was one of the very few things my Dad gave to me and I've always and I mean have always loved that guitar! I want it back! I've since bought another 12 String but this time round it's an Electric / Acoustic Fender. Sound Can't compare 2 the sound I'd gotten out of the other Guitar I am looking for & I kid you not, I still do remember it's (Rosa's), sound! Oh I want Rosa, as I called her back in the day, way back. Just so it be known, I learned what it was that took my Dad from us as a Dad.War & His Dad burned in front of him when he was a child and his mother hated boys because she had 13 of them. Can't imagine growing up as he did, so he drank & was mean. Apparently my Dad picked (ROSA), up @ a Monson, MA. Flea-Market & gave her to me. Best thing my Dad ever did for me. Help p
Description de l'instrument:
12 String Guitar Inlaid Roses on black Pick-guard and also frets have mother of pearl too. It's a Kawai 1 of a kind 12 String Guitar. However I do believe mine to have been spelled KAWAII inside it or it could have even been KAWAI1 which looked like KAWAII. It is One of the Three names mentioned here. Guitar was given to get food for family (My Mom asked me too), when run'n away from home with Mom and family to get away from Drunken mean Dad. Person that took it, shot dope in arm instead of get'n food for us. A "Frances Cole", took my guitar in Holyoke, MA. 01040, where he sold it to buy his drugs instead of get'n our family the food! Where he sold it, I am uncertain but could also have been in Springfield, MA. as well. I have no clue where exactly he sold my guitar but… that Guitar, I feel, personally is still mine to this very day! I drew roses on pick-guard of picture to give idea what it kinda looks like. Stolen 1972. I did not know site was here 2 help peoples but know now, TY.
Arthur Fontaine

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