Gothenburg, Svezia
Posted: 12 Jan 2020
SIC(K) Competition

SIC(K) Competition

12 Jan - 01 May, 2020

Skallsjö Sommarorkester International Composing Competition.

Skallsjö Sommarorkester is a Gothenburg based string ensemble that aims to show a different side of classical music to a new audience. From the first project in 2013 the ensemble rapidly advanced to become a force of its own in Swedish musical life, especially regarding the “rebranding” of classical music. Now we’re searching for new music to expand our way of playing so for the season of 2020/21 we’re seeking a newly composed piece for the orchestra composed by You!
Submit your contribution before 1st of July and we will decide the winner shortly afterwards. The winner will get their piece played by the orchestra either during our summer tour 2020 or one of our projects during 2021.

UPDATE: The deadline for the competition is postponed to 1st of July due to COVID-19.
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