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Pubb: 18 May 2022
Goodmesh Concours, Arts Unite - Art Unites

Goodmesh Concours, Arts Unite - Art Unites

18 May - 26 Nov, 2022

About the Goodmesh Concours

There are two main rules to enter the Goodmesh Concours:
To combine Music with another art form (Visual Art, Dance, Theater…)
To create a performance based on a theme. Theme of 2022: “FISH”

Why Fish?
Fish is known as a noun, verb, or a metaphor, and is inspiring in so many different ways.

We are excited to see how this year's contestants will collaborate and show off their artistry and creativity. You will get a chance to win prizes worth over 25.000€, including live performance opportunities, international press exposure and cash prizes.

Learn more, spread the word and apply at
scadenza: 01 Oct 2022
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