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Pubb: 24 Nov 2023
La Marianne Music Competition

La Marianne Music Competition

20 May - 25 Aug, 2024

Extended deadline
✅ FREE ENTRY FEE ✅ 1st Honnor Grand Prize: 5000 €
✅ Jury Feedback ✅ Final on August 25, 2024

*If the candidate or group is accepted to the second round, a registration fee of £99 will be required.

The first and second rounds are judged based on video material, and the final round is held in public in France. Please consult our calendar, rules, and FAQ on our website for more information.

From 4 to 50 years old (singers: from 18 to 50 years old)
All nationalities

1st Honor Grand Prize: €5000
2nd Honor Grand Prize: €2000
3rd Honor Grand Prize: €1500
4th Honor Grand Prize: €1000
5th Honor Grand Prize: €500

◉Chamber Music

CLOSING DATE: 1st March 2024
scadenza: n/a

This competition appears to include an online round that charges over €35. musicalchairs is concerned that the fee for online judging must be commensurate with the value offered to applicants whether they are successful or unsuccessful. Please therefore study the guidelines for this competition carefully:

  • Is the Jury for the online round published and are they widely respected musicians?
  • Does each Jury member listen to the submissions in full?
  • Do applicants receive detailed and considered feedback about their complete performance/score from the Jury?
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